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Meet the Team:


       Joey Lemmons 

Founder & President of Fruitland Outdoor Advertising

Director of Growth & Inventory

40+ Years of Outdoor Advertising experience!


         David Perry

Sales Manager for Newberry & Laurens area

Sales Rep. for upstate South Carolina

35+ Years of Outdoor Advertising experience!

Contact:   864-923-3611



Image coming soon

        Tony Rossi

Sales Rep. for entire upstate of South Carolina

Tony brings experience from his many years in the outdoor advertising industry! 

Contact:    864-201-9501



      Cole Israel


Manager of SkyVision

Cole manages our sister company SkyVision, which offers services to construct on-premise business signs, wrap vehicles, and provide any other form of signage.  

Contact:  864-266-5282



     Trey Lemmons 


Company Sales Manager

Digital Inventory Manager/Operator

10+ years of Outdoor Advertising experience! 

Contact:  864-425-8289



       Drew Kline

Sales Rep. in Anderson, Pickens, Oconee, & Greenville Counties


Drew brings his sales experience from the fencing & home renovations industry where he learned to listen to the customers needs and provide the best service possible.

Contact:   803-629-1959



   Leland Lemmons

Head of Sign Construction Projects

Billboard Inventory and Install Crew Manager

Contact:  864-219-8889 



    Kathy Lemmons


Accounting/Billing Manager & Customer Service

Wife of Joey Lemmons! Kathy keeps the men in check and working hard.

Contact:  864-489-5533

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